Spring Organization

Spring is a wonderful time, my favorite season! Flowers and plants flourish and grow fast giving us plenty of energy for free! Isn’t it wonderful?
We should take this energy and use it for embracing our challenges.
In Switzerland they use this energy to deep clean the house “Frühlingsputz”. I think this is a very good tradition because it helps us get rid of unnecessary things, to check what needs to be done, get more organized and creates a fresh, comfi and new atmosphere that allow us to be more inspired and productive.

I want to encourage you to do so. Getting organised will allow us to focus better and get our things done. No ideas on how to start? No problem, I will share some inputs with you. Please remember, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me: maria@lifestylecoacher.com

My 5 Steps to start getting organized:

1.- Ask yourself: Why do I have to get organized? What is my priority: my workplace? My clothes?My accessories? My room? Kitchen? It is very important that you take just one room at the time. When you are finish with your room/kitchen/workplace, you can continue with another room. Please remember: one step after the other!!

2.- After deciding where you are going to start, ask yourself: what do I need to change? Lets take an example: you choose to organize your closet. Ok, now it is important that you recognize the problem. Do you have too many clothes? Do you have the right ones? Do you need more space? Once you know what the problem is, start by taking all your clothes out of your closet and analyzed them one by one.

3.- Define what to do with things that you do not need anymore. Sell them, throw them away or storage them.

4.- Make a list of everything you need to buy or get to complete your ideas.

5.- Get what you need, get inspired by checking decoration books and finish the work.

Keep going with another room! Thanks for reading and good luck organizing !

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    Thanks for your steps Maife. I will never get stuck again with the clean-up/organization.
    Enjoy Spring!

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    … Te quiero muchiiiisimo amiga eres una persona super especial .. A Dios le pido que sigas cosechando Exitos .. . Te mereces las mejores cosas del mundo …


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