...tuve la inmensa suerte de hacer un coaching intenso con María Fernanda, no fue fácil. Solamente puedo agradecerle eternamente a esa fantástica mujer y estupenda coach. En efecto ella me ayudo a volver a confiar en mi, a querer ser feliz de nuevo y a tener objetivos en la vida ; me enseño que con paciencia, determinación, constancia, amor, confianza en uno mismo y en Dios, uno puede lograr todo lo que se propone, ya sea a nivel personal o profesional.

I was so desperate to learn Spanish that I had Maria come to my office over lunch time to teach me! She was not only a very thorough teacher, she also, and particularly, recognized that I am impatient and eager to learn. So she immediately adapted and accelerated the speed of learning. The playful and yet earnest way she teaches encouraged me to be less impatient and more serious, realizing it is a difficult language to learn. But she made it possible.
Thank you!

Manuela Nieth, Get Abstract, Switzerland

Although I have known Maria for almost twenty years, we started coaching only two years ago. At that time I was really down: no job, no perspectives, no future. Thanks to Coach Maria I recovered and started to live again. It was hard work, because her all-around base was very demanding. But staying focused, disciplined and deeply honest towards myself it was worth in any way at last: Within weeks I lost more than 10 pounds of weight, got some self-confidence and finally, three months later, found the job that I was dreaming of!

Muchas gracias por todo lo mucho y bueno que he aprendido contigo. Sé ahora como ayudar eficazmente y a su vez he aprendido a ser más comprensiva y justa. Te reitero mi gratitud y amistad.

It was so much fun to work with Maria. Within the two hours of shopping I bought tons of nice cloth and different combinations. I tried on things that I would have ignored before. What a great treat for a women!

…quiero agradecerte todo el apoyo que me diste en el momento en que mas lo necesite, se que me faltarían palabras para expresar todo mi agradecimiento… gracias por animarme a quererme, a valorarme a cuidarme a mi misma y todas esas palabras que en mi mente siempre estarán recordándome la persona tan valiosa que me lo dijo.

''With Maria's help and gudiance I have managed to reach to a level to think of what I trully want in my life, and work on my self confidence to go and pursue my dreams. She encouraged me to nurture the power woman I have i my self and use my own energy and mind to reach a state of balance and well-being. After29 years this has been the very first experience in my life, that opened my eyes and changed my life view forever. Thank you Maria''

Vielen ,vielen Dank für das wertvolle Gespräch ! Es hat mich wieder daran erinnert, dass Herzzeit ist und der Kopf lange genug über mich regiert hat. Es ist die Zeit zu geniessen und das Leben zu fühlen. Muchísimas gracias, querida Maria Fernanda, un abrazo de San José Corinne