Thank you for coaching me. Since we have been working together, my life has changed in a very positive way. You taught me how eating properly is about feeling great and having more energy, and not about strict nutrition philosophies. Your make-up workshops and fashion tips have made of me a stylish woman and I feel so feminine now.

I feel great, I look my best! I get so many compliments from people around me.

All this together, has made a me a more confident person and I am ready for the years to come.

Thank you so much for what you do and for being in my life!

Mariangela Steiner, Switzerland

Gracias por tus consejos que me han permitido obtener logros importantes que ahora los proyecto en la vida de mis nietos. He aquí la prueba.


Many times I wanted to start something different that pushed me to live a better life, to take care of myself, organize my life and, why not, to enjoy my life a bit more. Many times I found myself starting a project but unable to complete it. I gained weight throughout the years and now I have to buy clothes three sizes bigger than before.

Now I decided to win the war against overweight. I received a refreshing “brainwash” of love for my body. Now I understand the importance of looking good, feeling healthy and managing my time.

The coaching I received is very helpful for organizing my life because it gave me specific guidelines to juggle my different roles as an employee, mother, wife and healthy person. I made a commitment with myself and I want to meet my goals.

The style coaching gave me the tools to take care of my looks and be a more educated shopper; in other words, knowing what type of clothes and hairstyle fit my body type better. Why shouldn’t I look gorgeous?

The nutrition coaching helped me to believe in myself that I can do it in spite of how difficult losing weight is and how much effort I have to put into it.

Maria’s coaching has been an integral training that encompasses the human, emotional, and practical spheres of my life. I know that I can rely on a guideline that motivates, pushes and, at the same time, protects me.

An enthusiastic student,

Isabel de Espinosa, Quito

I really liked your workshop, because you could tell me witch kind of different eye make up colors fits for me and let me look very pretty.

Yours Sabine Mauk, Germany

It is key that our image reflects who we truly are. If we take care of our own image, we are going to feel better, increase our self-esteem and be more satisfied with ourselves.
Maria Fernanda helped me to understand the importance of my personal image and how to take advantage of it. It is very important that somebody else shows you how everybody perceives you because sometimes this image differs from the image you want to project to people.

I am a teacher and in my profession image is very important because students pay attention on everything - the way you dress, your hairstyle, your posture and your body language. Everybody knows that adolescents scrutinize people and pay attention on every little detail.

Thanks to Maria Fernanda, I feel really good, healthier, and with more energy. I also learned to eat better and benefit from my personal image, which in turn boosted my self-esteem.

Alexandra Lesciellour, Guadaloupe, France

I thoroughly enjoyed my Spanish lessons with María Fernanda. I found her method of teaching extremely motivating. She came up with new exercises every class to train different language skills - there seems to be no end to her creativity.

I recommend María Fernanda as a style consultant. We went on a half-day shopping tour. I get compliments whenever I wear the outfits we picked together that day. Plus, I feel more confident picking out clothes since she pointed out some dos and donts to me.

Haike Schattka, Switzerland

For me the workshop was a great experience. Maife showed us how to use our own makeup correctly and explained us the does and don'ts. She gave us some hints how to use it for every day and also for special events. The atmosphere was relaxing and encouraging. At the end of the workshop I went home not like another person painted like a parrot, but like me, inspired with new ideas.

Janine Brigger,

Teacher and mother of tree, Switzerland

Since going shopping with Maria, my life has changed for the better. She found the style and cut of clothes that fits my body and lifestyle. She shows me the accessories I need to create an outfit or make one better. She has helped me find my sense of style and she has enhanced it to fit today’s fashions. Not only am I happy, but my husband is as well!

Gerelyn Plunket,

Fort Lauderdale, Florida