About María Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

I am a happy Switzerland-based Lifestyle Coach and Karate World Champion (KSI 2016). I was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1971. In 1992 I moved to France and later on to Switzerland where I received degrees in Commerce, Human Resources, Suggestopedy and Systemic Coaching.

My interest in Life Coaching started early on in Ecuador when I coached low-income people on how to gain control of their own lives by learning to read, write and take care of themselves.  Later on, as Reina de Quito, I had the opportunity to lead big community development programs. It was a hard but very interesting time. All those wonderful experiences helped me to grow as a person and to better understand the complicity of helping others. I started searching for ways to improve my own quality of life and researching the effects of eating healthy, setting my own standards, and living by my values and principles. I began to study all about Coaching and Coaching Techniques. I am proud to have developed my own way of coaching based on the different techniques I have learned in 3 different continents.

Now I am a true passionate about sharing my know-how. Passion and discipline are my favorite words. I just won the KSI Karate World Championship in Berlin 2016. I am sure to be the right person to get you where you want to be. Contact me, get coached, and start enjoying your life living by your own standards, principles, and values.

Remember life is too short to keep complaining. Only you have the power to change your own situation. Invest in yourself!

KSI Karate World Champion 2016, Queen of Quito 1990-1991, wife and proud mother of three, LifestyleCoach María Fernanda is a writer (Hasta que el Paladar se Acostumbre, Desde Aquí…), a networker (Time to Start Changing), a lecturer (UNITRE University), and parish council of the Catholic Church in Lucern. During 10 years she wrote columns in one of Ecuador’s main newspapers about changing and assimilation processes. Her columns can be read in Spanish and German (link is coming soon).