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There is a lot of discussion in Switzerland around the role of women in the workplace. Some consider that there must be a managerial position allocated to a woman in organizations. Others –like me– believe that these are artificial solutions that their sole purpose is to garnish the executive boards and calm down emotions. I agree on the need to prioritize the role of women but I think the solutions should be based on the need of reinforcing their self-confidence. A well-prepared and self-confident woman will pursue by herself a leading position in a company.

As a Lifestyle Coach I work encouraging people to believe in them-selves and reach they goals. Since I get back to Lucerne I feel the need to work encouraging woman to believe in them-selves. Creating my own women’s network was a good start for me in this nice city. Now I am organizing my first Girls Workshop because I truly believe in the need to start early encouraging the new generation to use they inner power and go for they dreams.

The idea is intriguing:
A workshop designed for young ladies from 11 to 15 years old.

The objective is powerful:
Provide support and help them to strengthen their self-confidence with techniques and practical exercises.

The details are eye-dropping:
Personal defense with Karate black belts (recognized internationally), “Knigge” best practices at the table, techniques on style, makeup & elegance and, above all, principles and values to guide their lives.

All of this offered in a special framework of style and elegance: The Art Deco Montana Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Lucerne.

I already started distributing the ads for this event at the different boutiques and restaurants in Lucerne and let me tell you that this was a great adventure!
I still have two months until the workshop starts, but life in Switzerland showed me that spontaneity is not always welcomed. Swiss people like to plan their lives with a lot of anticipation, so if I want to have some Swiss clients, I better let them know about my events as early as possible.

Opening a new market is not an easy task for me. The Lucerne market is, of course, very different that the Miami market (I started working as a Lifestyle Coach in Miami 8 years ago, in 2010 my family and I returned back to Lucerne). Here the words “coach” or “Lifestyle Coaching” are becoming mainstream but they still remain somehow unknown. Of course, working in bigger neighbor cities like Zürich or Zug is interesting but I really feel very interested in helping Lucerne becoming more modern and open-minded to new ways of customer service.

My first days of delivering my marketing flyers were very challenging. If I weren’t convinced that the cause & ideas are worth it, I would have given up already a long time ago.
Since you can’t deliver ads in Lucerne without previous authorization, you have to find the best way to ask for it without scaring the owner of the boutiques and restaurants. I had some struggles with my South American accent and my personal style (too spontaneous). My first challenge was, therefore, to pick up the right words in German that combine with the formal and respectful Swiss way of asking for something.

I decided to combine the best way I can the too approaches: the calm one and the spontaneous one. The results were better. Now I certainly ask for permission but this is not the first thing that I say; my first message is inviting. I need to convey it during the first 3 seconds of my conversation. I guess my passion comes through my eyes and I get people asking to get more flyers. Fantastic!

Now I just hope to be able to fill the room. This workshop is something that both young ladies and Lucerne certainly deserve!

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    Hi María Fernanda,

    You have shown great tenacity and passion for your goal of helping young women become more self-confident, assertive and ultimately, more successful.

    It’s no easy task to change the minds and souls of adolescents and, particularly, parents. Nonetheless, you are right to try to help them and inspire them to become better human beings, especially starting at a young age.

    Best wishes in your wonderful endeavor!


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    Hola Maife,
    This is a great workshop concept: timely, innovative and complete.
    Marketing it may be challenging this first time, but I am convinced once it is kicked-off, this workshop will be for the aspiring girls in Lucerne, Central Switzerland etc!
    THE event to attend.
    Keep up the good work !

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    Excelente idea, muy necesaria actualmente. Se necesita gente con ideas tan pràctivas y creativas como esta EN TODO EL MUNDO.
    Sigue adelante.

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    Maria Teresa D.

    Maria Teresa D.:

    Suerte con tu Girls Worshop, seguro que llenaras el salón, estaré atenta al desenlace

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    süsse Idee. So etwas werde ich auf alle Fälle machen, wenn meine girls mal älter sind.

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    Unos recomendaciònes de un suizo:
    … Pienso que sería muy util si hubiera un link a todos tus eventos. No encontré un link a tu “girls workshop” fácilmente.


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