Living by inertia

Life goes by so fast that we don’t realize how much time we waist on nonsense! We don’t grow, our souls are empty, and we are living by inertia. We lose ourselves in our complicated and stressful world about me, me, me, and me, where we are usually tired, caring overweight and having head-back- and muscle aches. We are a disaster! Our favorite phrase is: I don’t have time. We are convinced that not having time makes us interesting and important!!
Now, we all now that every day has 24 hours. There is no excuses just wrong priorities. There is plenty of time for working in what we really want to achieve, so please erase this sentence out from your vocabulary!
We need to commit with our life now! How?
Dare to ask yourself: Where or with whom do I want to invest my time, my actions, thoughts and values?
By answering that you will understand the importance of a chain of actions you have to take to get yourself into the next step in your life. It is not easy but if you really want, passion will be your engine. A good nutrition will give you energy and will empower you. Start now! Go and move your body to eliminate the extra pounds you are carrying for years. We do not live forever.

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