Why do I need a Coach?

Because making lifestyle changes is difficult.
In order to have long lasting results it is important and necessary to receive honest advice and professional guidance.
Just like it is in any sport or profession, to achieve our goals, we need: hard work, focus, perseverance, discipline and organization. But, do we have all this qualities?  Maybe a few people do.  Most of us may not have all these qualities.

During a changing process it is important not to be alone.  It is necessary to have someone help us reprogram ourselves, someone who will light that fire that will allow us to continue to pursue our goals; or someone that will give us that “swift kick in the backside” so that we stay focused and reach our dreams. A coach is also a mentor, guide, motivator and a leader.

What makes María Fernanda a good Coach?

Through her own integration experiences in several societies and situations, María Fernanda developed techniques to stay focused and motivated to reach her goals. Her own success story will inspire you to take action, be determined and boost your self-esteem.

She is professional, reliable and honest. Her drive, energy and optimism combined with her knowledge of several languages and great communication skills, make her a reliable mentor and leader.

Why should I choose to work with María Fernanda and not just make changes on my own, with a friend or with self help books?

Reading self-help books is a useful source of information, but you don’t always have the drive to carry through all the changes they suggest.  Friends are a great source of support, but they may not always tell you the truth you need to hear.

As an impartial person, María Fernanda will coach you with honest and professional advise, and will give you the inner drive you need to make the changes you desire.  Her interesting outlook on life and her drive will inspire you to live your life with passion, and commit to your dreams.