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Makeup Workshop

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Even if you already know how to apply make up, my tips will help you increase your know-how, save time, and wisely use your products.

First, we will analyze your products and tools to see if you have your basics. Then, you will learn how to apply cleaning and moisturizing products ideal for your skin type. By improving your finger movements with application, you will be able to conserve products and enjoy the feeling of tender movements.

Once your face is prepared, I will show you how easy it is to apply your daily basic make. You will learn how the right tools help us save time and create a fresh look, while the right colors enhance your natural beauty, projecting your personal power.

At the end of our workshop, you will receive a tool and product list of the items you need to complete your makeup kit. You will have new, practical and interesting tips that will boost your self-esteem and motivate you to spend more time on your well-being.

Makeup sessionMakeup session

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