Happy 2012

Dear All,
This year started for me with 3 meters of snow! I am in the Austrian Alps with my family. My week goal? Skiing better and nicer. My style is horrible and I put my body under so much stress that at the end of the day my muscles shake like jelly. It is hard work for me to improve a bit more every day! But I really want to ski with my husband and my kids, we have so much fun when we are up in the white mountains! I could not just wait for my family at the hotel, even if the spa is super nice!!

The year 2011 is gone, we are in the first month of the new year. For me January is the month of the dreams and good thoughts. We should get the best of this positive energy. Did you prepare your goal list for the year? It is a nice tradition to take some time and think about your reality, your life and your dreams. But please do not get lost in the process or daydream about unspecific goals that are difficult to reach. Be realistic and start one step at the time. Think about a little goal list that starts at the first 7 days in your new life. The goals should be specific and measurable. Work with numbers and dates. If in the next 7 days you were able to reach them, go ahead and write your next goals for the next 7 days. 2012 is your year. If you do not change now, when will you change and get what you want? Next year? You are here now and you have everything that you need to change. Your brain is your most powerful tool. Use it!
I wish you strength, discipline and the willingness to work hard. 2012 will be the year that brings you to the next level.

If you need someone to help you, I am here for you. Call, write or skype me.

With all my heart,
Happy 2012!

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    Del pouco que pode entender ( por el ingles ) Leigo muchos em tu Homopee e sempre encontro algo que me toca .


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