Buying Food

Buying Food

dsc06051One day one of my closed friends asked me: how can I lose weight? It was not the first time that I hear her speaking about this topic. She has been trying lots of diets and ways to eat but she didn’t get the result that she desired. She knew the theory of eating healthy but she was not able to change her habits.

When she asked the question, I could see that her face expression and her eyes where already prepared for the answer of: “eat this or that”. I have seen this in different clients, who maybe think: “she will tell me to eat less and to snack healthy food”
When I answered: You have to start by learn what to buy. She was very surprised. What to buy? She was not happy with my answer. She never thought on that. I had to explain to her how bad are some fats, some sweeteners and artificial products. My friend didn’t know about all this. She was very sad bei analyzing what she was buying every week.

For me, the firs steep to change eating habits is by knowing what you are eating. Reading and learning about nutrition will help you understand why is so important to reject some really bad foods from your daily life. I am absolutely sure, that this knowledge will led you feel more energetic and you will love to continue your journey trough a healthy life style. Loosing weight will be a consequence of your change.

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