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Last week I went to my favorite library in Lucerne City (I can spend hours looking for new books). A special new book was on the table: ” The Selby is in your place” from Tood Selby. I was fascinated from all the nice and special pictures in it. They were original, fresh and different. It gave me so many ideas for my life, my house and my spirit. It was like breathing fresh air! I was so happy! I went home and visited his web page: www.theselby.com. Every picture or text gave me so much inspiration that I decided to share this with you. Inspiration is necessary to go forwards! We need to connect with good ideas! We need to connect with interesting people that push us to the next level. Go for it, look for your inspiration and tell people about it. It is another way to feel free.
Have a great week!

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    Me encantó qué chéveres fotos!!!
    un baño de inspiración para los interiores y para rompernos los esquemas tradicionales.

  2. Buenos días Daniela, qué bueno que tu también hayas encontrado inspiración en esas lindas fotos! Como dueños absolutos de nuestras decisiones es primordial buscar inspiración para que lo que decidamos nos traiga energía, fantasía y mucha alegría. Así estaremos un paso más cerca de lo que queremos lograr. Adelante que la vida es corta!

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    Muchos saludos desde Miami…te envio muchas energias positivas para ti


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