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Liebe Frauen, anbei findet Ihr die nächsten Termine für unsere Netzwerk-Events Herbst/Winter 2014. Wir freuen uns, Euch wieder zu sehen. 17.10.14 bis 19.10.14
 Netzwerkreise nach Paris Die Gruppe hat beschlossen anstatt nach Freiburg, nach Paris zu fahren. Es gibt noch 2 freie Plätze, wir bitten um sofortige Anmeldung bis 25.08.2014 bei mir, Maife Sa.08.11.14 Museums...

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I am Vivian, a Master student from Hochschule Luzern. It was my honour and great pleasure to meet Maria. Her beauty, her wisdom and her kindness make me feel very comfortable, very warm and easy to talk about my situation. I was not sure where are my passions about work and career, although I study MBA at HSLU. Introduced by my university professor, I came to meet Maria....

Back to School Week

The School year started today for our family. I am a mother of two teenagers (15 and 13) and one pre-teen (11). We had three very hard start and re-asimilation years in Switzerland (after living five years in Miami). Our Kids had to learn German, Swiss-german and French for the school, make new friends and feel again at home. We did it even though it took us four years,...