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El compromiso diario

La vida pasa tan rápido que no nos damos cuenta cuánto tiempo perdemos en tonterías. No crecemos, estamos vacíos, vivimos por inercia. En nuestro complicado mundo de YO,YO,YO y YO, nos perdemos, nos ahogamos y vivimos en un permanente stress. Por lo general estamos cansados, con sobrepeso y dolores de cabeza, espalda y músculos. Somos un desastre. Nuestra frase favorita...


Are we prepared for the unexpected? Sometimes when the unexpected comes we want to escape and not face the new changes. Please do not do so.  Try to calm down, breathe, and if you know how to pray, do so. This will give you peace to look for your strength. Believe in yourself and in your capacity to grow and face the challenge.  I am sure you will find some new ways...

An Idea

Wen you are sad, or stressed out or worried: Pick a favorite song, let it be loud, sit down and quietly notice your breathing. Try to fall into the rhythm and start moving. Smile! Repeat this as many times as necessary.