Lifestyle coaching experience...

Coaching: Eat Healthy

eat healthy
Eating habits are very hard to change, we have less time to eat, we are stressed out, and cooking is not in our daily agenda. At the same time, we are tired, unhappy with our weight and in constant head, back, neck, and joint pain. All that prevents us from having a high quality of live.

Coaching: Personal Style

personal style
It is not about pretending to be someone you are not. It is about understanding your body and inner energy, and using them as a powerful communication tool. Let Maria Fernanda's professional advice help you spotlight your natural beauty by choosing the right clothes and the correct makeup.

Coaching: Reach Your Goals

Reach your goals
Many times in life we may desire something, but we do not have the discipline or the perseverance needed to attain these goals. Or we may have the perseverance but we lack the will or the organizational skills. By working together, sharing the struggles and the obstacles you will not feel lonely or isolated.